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Petal Power Joy Ride Creme

$ 20.95


Product Details

Chamois cream is an absolute necessity for ALL cyclists!  Nothing takes the joy out of your ride faster than sore nether regions.  Apply Joy Ride Creme directly to your skin to help relieve chafing and friction during your ride.  Formulated with natural, rich emollients to help lubricate, repair, and protect delicate skin.  Silky, long-lasting texture.  Mild formula does not burn or tingle; contains no menthol or peppermint oil.  

All Petal Power products are made with natural and plant based ingredients. No parabens, animal testing, or petroleum-based ingredients are used.  Vegan and gluten-free.

Each jar contains 4 fluid ounces of creamy goodness.

What makes Petal Power Joy Ride Creme different from other chamois creams on the market?  It's simple: our ingredients.  

  • Joy Ride Creme contains NO menthol or peppermint oil, so there isn't any burning or tingling when you apply.
  • Joy Ride Creme contains NO tea tree oil.  While tea tree oil is one of nature's finest and most effective anti-microbials, it's also extremely harsh and can be very irritating on delicate skin...especially when you are sitting in it for a few hours on a bike ride!  (Plus it also smells horrible!)
  • We use no petroleum products.  This includes ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, and paraffin oil.  These are ALL petroleum derivatives.  Petroleum products are widely used in skincare and beauty products (including many leading chamois creams) because they are cheap, but these ingredients do nothing to help nourish your skin.  It actually seals off your skin and doesn't allow it to breathe.  It creates a barrier so nothing (air or moisture) penetrates it...which also means it traps dirt and bacteria against your skin.  Plus, it's REALLY hard on your bike shorts and saddle...petroleum products will break down foam rubber (yes, the stuff in your expensive chamois and saddle) over time.  It's also super, duper difficult to was out of your clothing.
  • Joy Ride Creme is paraben-free.  Why is this important?  Parabens are a widely used synthetic preservative, but they are NOT good for you!  They can be very irritating, plus there have been many, many studies that show parabens mimic hormones in your body and disrupt your endocrine system, which can lead to cancer.  High concentration levels of parabens have been found in human breast tumors.
  • Our formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten free.
  • We use the very finest natural and plant-based ingredients that not only combat friction, but actually nourish your skin.  This is important!  Friction can cause little micro-tears in your skin.  When bacteria enters the body through these tiny tears in the skin, this is when saddle sores form.  Keeping your skin healthy, supple, and nourished greatly reduces the amount of micro-tearing and the saddle sores that can happen as a result.  
  • We are proud of our ingredients and we are 100% transparent about what they are and how they are derived.  Our ingredients are proudly displayed on our website.  We also tell you exactly how they were derived on our website.  


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